6 thoughts on “WSOP 2007 Main Event Ep15 Final Table Pt01”

  1. if that south african donkey didnt suck out on kenny tran he would have taken it not that idiot jerry yang. disgrace to poker. ive seen him a few times on televised tournos and the way he plays it makes me laugh so much!! ist a shame he doesnt play any of the big stakes cash games, id love to see ivey or any other pro bust him in 3 hands

  2. it just shows u how one single call or fold will determine with winner of the whole thing.

  3. Happens man, he was scared of Kings/Aces and give him credit, those J’s could easily have been Kings..

  4. Respect ? Child fucked up big time. What a fucking loser. What a disgrace to poker. He is the major responsible for Jerry Yang. Pussy…gutless loser.

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