25 thoughts on “World Series of Poker 2006 $10000 NLHE Final table 1 3/5”

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  2. i dont think jamie gold is a bad player but i dont like his table behaviour. i hate it when he celebrates holding pocket kings or pocket queens and behaves like it is a great play, when the other player has a high pair too. friggin asshole!

  3. Jamie says “No shame in folding…” holding pocket Aces preflop, that’s exactly what he said to Doyle Brunson when he tried to bluff him off his nuts straight in one of his appearances on High Stakes Poker.

    Needless to say, talking his opponent into making the wrong decision doesn’t work for him anymore.

  4. totally agree

    jamie is a great poker player and what great poker player can be stopped with good hands.

    now jerry yang is just lucky in 2007… i think he was the one donk sum1 forgot to knock out in day 1, you can see in 2008 how he fails.

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  6. jamie is not the best poker player, but definitively not the worse. i think Jerry Yang is the worst by far with his stupid 2.5 million raises preflop with 120/240 blinds, ridiculous

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