Illuminating Player of WSOP

Jerry Yang was born in 1967 at Laos but his family moved towards a refugee camp in the Thailand due to the strange circumstances because of Communist in 1970, where they escorted their life for almost four years. From the beginning of his life he faced many kinds of calamities such as the terrible loss of his brother & sister before getting up into the United States government power of green light for Jerry Yang family. Afterwards, they have settled in the Southern California of United States which has been formulated his home by Jerry Yang since the next movement of his life at the age 13.

Jerry Yang was a genius student even in his initial days of school and consequently achieved his degree of graduation from the Loma Linda University endowed with the master degree specifically in the health psychology. Jerry Yang then moved towards some of time offs to hail missionary activities but eventually turned his direction in the rhythm of a psychotherapist and the social worker also. After a while, Jerry Yang tagged himself in the long relationship of marriage in which he formed a family of a wife and six children.

In the same ups and down of the time, Jerry Yang managed some time for playing the poker but ordinary but emerged as the professional poker player after appearing in the satellite tournaments of 2006 in which he grabbed the $225 satellite. Jerry Yang had then won the championship which was held at Pechanga Resort & Casino nearby his hometown; here he achieved the seat in main event of World Series of Poker of 2007 for $10000.

Jerry Yang appeared on the final table of this championship and poked the eighth in the chips to set up for the lead and finally defeated the greatest poker player Tuan Lam in heads up to capture the bracelet of World Series Poker and grabbed the stunning amount of prize winning as $8,250,000.

Make the world a poker table

Jerry Yang just started his career two or three years back. Now he is 40 years old and accomplished as professional poker player. He wants to transform the whole world into a poker table. His favorite game is No limit Holdem tournament. His ultimate objective is to establish himself as most respected and talented player in the poker history. He wants to start his own business in coming future. He dreamed of achieving first position in World Series of poker main event.

It was 2007 which was a golden year for Jerry Yang when he won a bracelet and $8.25 million cash prize. It became possible after sixteen hours of continuous play. At heads up poker, he finished 2nd and win a bigger cash prize. He was born in Laos but his current location is South California. When he is not playing poker, he is playing social worker role. After completing his graduation, he decided to continue his master degree in health psychology. Jerry Yang is a married man with six children. After every winning, he donates 10 percent of his earning to popular charities.

Before starting his career as a poker player, he was not unknown to gambling games. At a very young age, he was playing card games and blackjack with his family members. He has also worked as a blackjack dealer in local land based casino. He started playing poker online at the age of 16. He wanted to know how poker will affect his life in future.

By the age of 19, he decided to take poker play as a full time career opportunity. He was 21 only when he moved to Las Vegas for attending first WSOP event in his life. He fought against popular names during WSOP events. The live coverage was recorded by ESPN channel which was quite interesting and contended.

Hands of Jerry Yang

The way payments are made in poker games differ especially on the various poker sites.  Even though, black Friday has come and gone, players like Jerry Yang have something to tell us about the advantages of online games. The payment of these sites can be done through a lot of options like moneygram, e-check, debit games, paytru, wu, ultra prepaid cards and many other cards. The only way a play can make use of these cards on a poker site is if he or she meets the requirement on the site. Online poker sites have become something that lots of Americans do not have access to because of black Friday.

However, with other sites that are outside United States of America, Jerry Yang can play openly or secretly if he desires online.  We would be asking this question, “What would make Jerry Yang play poker secretly?  Does that mean he is playing poker secretly? These are questions that can be answered by him.

In Kentucky, the state government blocked online poker which means that great players are not going to be able to play online like they normally do before. Today, there is restriction on poker players from making so much money from online while in their homes. If you are thinking of how to play like Jerry Yang, it is imperative that you learn how he plays with his hands and his gestures while on the table. These two features have made poker playing to be interesting because money can only be won through conquering the opponent when their secrets are exposed.  The secret of seeing the way players win their games with their hand movement is what would put money into the account of a player because that is what would help a player win his or her game.