Poker is all about chance, says Dutch Court

Last week, a court in Netherlands ruled that poker is a game of change in the core.

The Amsterdam’s appeals court stated that it is not legal for people to arrange poker games as they amount to gambling, as per a report from the The new rule prows from a nearly ten years old case involving 2 men who fell into the hot water for hosting super low-stakes Texas hold’em poker events that drew around seventy players, at a bar over a 2 year time period.
In both 2010 as well as 2014, lower courts aligned with the poker players that the game of poker is totally skill and therefore would be nontaxable from the law which would need them to have a gambling license.
The defense contended that this game is an elaborated multi-player game in which opportunity plays a role. Still, the defense stated that the player who is the most agile has a significant influence on the course of the game.
More than this, the Netherlands distinguishes pro poker players for tax related issues. The defense state that poker might be considered a game which has expanded a lot since the 1990s. But the court was not convinced with these arguments.
Why? The judges believe that as one cannot control card are dealt, then poker is purely luck. This is an archaic view. The ruling stated that no matter how skillful a player is; he has no influence on the cards assigned to him.