Online Party Poker Games

Zema007 or the online player title that is popular in online poker communities was a triumphant winner in the title fight that emerged in party poker last Sunday.

The last weekend was an exciting one for the online gambling and poker community – many bets and strategies were worked upon as the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight was scheduled. The community stayed up and watched Mayweather add to his record of wins by winning the fiftieth fight and having come out of retirement to do so. Once the fight was over, the online poker community had party poker games to concentrate on at the Majors on Sunday. At one such tournament there was a $200,000 guaranteed amount at a title fight in party poker. There were over a thousand entries listed for this event and the total prize pool that was created amounted to $209,000. There were top finishers over a hundred who claimed portions of the prize money. There was a final table event that was held as well, which allowed a champion to emerge, this being Zema007 of Russia.

The final table was a nine handed affair. There were eight participants of varying nationalities who remained at the final table of this event. When the final four remained, there was a pause so that a deal could be planned. Hence, the final four went away with whopping sums of the prize money as per their final position at the table or the number of chips they ended up with. There had been some problems with online poker last few times, but this weekend it was without disruption and allowed many to have a fruitful and recreational weekend at party poker. There were also live WPT games to watch and look out for the updated and videos of the different poker events that took place.