25 thoughts on “National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 5 4/4”

  1. Maybe they should have spent less on the soundtrack and more on paying the
    cameramen to not fuck around with their wires while they’re in someone
    else’s shot …

  2. I like that Phil tells Ishbia what he had and that he was a bit lucky,
    since I feel a bit sorry for Ishbia. He is not that good at poker, and he
    is such a nice and kind person. And I am happy that Hellmuth respects him
    and is kind to him cause he earns it.

  3. I will let her have ex with me if she teaches me poker! It is no joke I
    will give her to lpay with my …snake if she teach me poker that’s how
    much I like to learn:D

  4. hardly, she got the luck she needed when she needed it. She is clearly a
    nervous wreck playing ivey, she is ACTING like she expects to lose. Luck vs

  5. I disagree. She played poorly and won the min each hand. She needed luck
    and she got it, plain and simple.

  6. OK, I have to know – why does everyone say Phil Ivey is the best when I
    never see him when anything??

  7. That’s gotta be so irritating losing to vanessa and watching her make out
    with “billy-bob” afterwards.

  8. look at this year’s world series he won too bracelets and has seven total
    and is at the final table of the main event he is simply the best!!! ps he
    has won over 50milllion just high stakes poker not to mention pot limit
    omaha and chinese poker

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