25 thoughts on “National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 1 3/5”

  1. how many poker shows do they have in the US, on Brunson’s website it says
    that poker is the third most watched sport

  2. Thas why I want to see a rematch between him and Farha. I bet Farha would
    eat him alive these days…

  3. @kingjames1014 he may not be “mediatic” now, but trust me you enjoy poker
    NOW mostly because of him Hes a very good player:aggressive and has been
    shoulder to shoulder with the best,so thats that!

  4. watch daniel from 6:13 hes such a great pro…and this shows it….hes also
    very funny lol with his impressions of throwing the chair and kicking it

  5. daniel was soooo right about how you can just “know” when the card you want
    or dont want is going to come on Full Tilt poker. so weird…

  6. How can she not smile after beating Doyle?? She just kept a straight face,
    what the hell is that? You guys know who I’m talking about!

  7. he is not a full time pro. He has the same job and life he had before
    winning the wsop. If he would be a full time pro. He would obviously be
    sharper and more lethal on the field.

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