Medfield Poker Want Members In Team

The Medfield seniors gather together every Thursday to play poker; the location for the same is the Council on Aging.

It is not like the Medfield is the only one who gather to play poker this way, but there are a many other poker groups present who gathers in the area. However, the group of Medfield has a their personal style and tone.

Speaking about the conditions of Medfield team, one of the participants of the team said, those who have thick skin are only allowed to be the part of this poker. He emphasized on the skin tone more.

Another participant said that “Actually, we don’t play poker here, we just play cards.” “We invent some games here that remain in the style of poker, but it is not the real poker. In the game, poker format is used to decide on the winning hands. Mostly we play seven-card stud and five-card, here.”

Another member of the group said, we want to add more members in the team, but because our conditions are little different from actual poker.

The group is an old one playing poker in their style since five-six years. The group is looking for more players in. There was the time, when this group has nearly 12 members, but now, the number has reduced and also the attendance of people has become less. A player in the group explained that “To get inside the group, the person has to be aware of the rules of the group. If someone is not aware of that then it becomes difficult for them to play with us.” “The person coming to the group should be aware of some basics of game like what beats what. Also, that three of a kind beats two of kind etc.” One of the player added.