Matthew Glantz : Happy Poker Player

Matt Glantz is the second name for the professional poker player Matthew Glantz.

This is a male poker player and is a very good poker player. He is very much connected to the game and he also says that he is very much happy to choose poker and the casino as his profession. He is very much concerned to the game and his performance is also growing good game by game. He has a very official nick name which is given to him by the professional poker players which is “poker god Zeus” this name is the sign that the player is very official and a very good player. This is a very original player he only believes in the real game and he loves each and every game played by him whether the game is in his favor or not, he is very thankful that, he was able to play this match and he is always happy with the results of the game.

He has had a very successful career till the date but he is still not satisfied with all his earning he want more and want to always reach the next level. Whenever he enters a new game he always comes with the view of achieving something new and he always wants to reach the next level. This positive thinking has helped him a lot and because of this thinking he has always achieved the next level .this player is from Lafayette hill Pennsylvania. At the tournaments played he had reached those levels which have helped him to increase his points and also increase the rankings.

At the 2005 world series of poker, he was the final runner up which was a very good achievement at that time for his career. This biggest cash was at the world poker series which was held in the year 2008. In 2011, his total live innings were $3700000 .