Joe Hachem is poker player from one of the best player

He has won total winning tournament are $11,724,586. He is basically from Melbourne, Australia.

He has won 3 career titles in his career and 64 cashes he has won. He is one of the greatest player who won the many games but he has still learning from his mistakes. Every time whenever he plays he just try to figure out his mistakes and learn from them how he can improve himself in his game. This quality makes him different from other players.

He has won $8,089,941 total casino winnings, 18 cash and 5 final tables in World Series of poker. He has won 1 bracelet in this series. He has played in world poker tour in this series he has won total $2,390,712 winning in this series and 9 cashes are winning and he has won 1 final table and 1 championship in this world poker tour. European poker tour $198,981 2 cashes are won by him in this series. He has not won the player of the year and ranking in any series. He also one of the handsome player of poker.

Joe has grew up in Australia. He has recently played on 26th june 2014 he was placed at 63rd place in this series from 991 participants and the total buy-in of this series was $1500 and he won $5779in this series. He has played his best series on 15 July 2005 and he won $7.5 million in this series which is his biggest achievement he has won 1 bracelet also in this series and the series was played as world series of poker. This was 36th annual series and he has placed at 1 from 5619 entries the game type of this series was No-Limit Hold’Em  and he has won that championship also in this series.