Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang was born on the year of 1967. He is a poker player of professional level and his ethnicity is Hmong. He hails from Temecula in California. He had won the series of world poker championship in the year of 2007. He started to play the game of poker from the year of 2005. When he was still an amateur, he entered the series of world poker in the year of 2007 after having won a satellite worth $225 in the casino of Pechanga Resort in Temecula. Before coming to the series of world poker he had only four cashes at the local events of California.

Jerry Yang went to the final table where he started eighth in holding chips and then held a big lead, one that he did not relinquish. By the process of accumulating the leads of chip, he knocked out the eight players who were playing with him in the final table. He won against the man called Tuan Lam in a Heads-up. The final table lasted for twelve hours. Yang had made a sum of $8250000 by that victory. Most of his earnings of the tournaments that he had played had come from the great win in the year of 2007.

Jerry Yang had said that it is very important to study the opponent in a very careful manner in order to sense the weakness of the player and then take a chance cashing on the weakness. He had confessed that by being aggressive, he had managed to win the tournament. However, he had never ruled out the importance of getting a good hand in a game like poker. He had once made a charity of his win to three houses of charity. He was born in Laos. Since the place was taken over by the communists, Jerry Yang and his family had to run away to Thailand.

In Thailand, four years of his life was spent in one of the refugee camps. He saw the death of his brother and a sister during this time spent in the refugee camp. He now resides in Madera in California. He has a degree of masters in psychology of health and he has his degree from the University of Loma Linda. He has also been an active social worker and a psychotherapist. He is a married man and has six children. He is quite a popular name in the history of world poker.

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