12 thoughts on “Jerry Yang Wins $8.25 MILLION DOLLARS!!!”

  1. this nigga fired my homiez that work in his restaurant HAHAHA! sucks for my homiez tho, aint jerry’s fault.

  2. @johnlify it was time a real chink was inducted into the hall of WSOP. dont mention Johnny Chan or Scotty Nyugen. Those suckers arent real chinks. After winning 8.25mil Jerry divorced his beloved so-called wife, and remarried a young wife in THAILAND. and dont ask why, u shud know.

  3. Jerry Yang is the best player. He is amazing. He kicked one player out at a time until he won the series. He is the only player who kicked out every single players on the final table. Great job!

  4. lÒl_ï_sïgned_ûp_at_fûll_tilt_pökér

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