25 thoughts on “Jerry Yang Hmong World Series Poker Champion”

  1. poker doesn’t need skills to be a winner. If you think it take skills to beat someone; you’re not just an idiot, but a SUPER DUMB person to say such a thing like that. Gamble = luck. When you mention skills; i’m assuming you mean bluffing to scare off your opponents. You won’t get the cards you wanted unless you cheated.

  2. Unless he stole ur girlfriend or do u dirty personalty LOL…..u should not hate on him…..b happy for him…cause he one of ur fellow Hmong if u r Hmong…

  3. @speedemon8878 lol, you don’t need to come here talking about you can beat him, you conceited person, that means you have no skills too, everyone just gets luck, duhh

  4. Everyone who saw how he played knows it was just luck and no skills, I could beat him out of his money one on one, he’s lame at poker, but I’ll give him credit regardless.

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  9. We have some haters and lovers at the same time. But those haters are just ignorant, lowlife, dumbass and stupid. Like this person (93maiy). I don’t know if its a dick or hole. But by the display name, it look like a hole. a dumb bitch who don’t know shit at all. Welp, i’m happy for brother jerry yang. He deserve to win.
    He work hard in his life so god reward him his windfall. There’s completely nothing wrong praying to god for help. That is what i always do when i buy my lottery ticket.

  10. 93maiy<-----if you don't know shit. then you need to stop talking shit. Of course everyone pray to god for winning. There's nothing wrong with that. Is not like he cheated to win. God gave that to him. By the way, you sound very jealous. Don't worry bitch. Person like you god will never help if you keep your inmature, igorant, and stupid attitude like that. He deserve to win. Look at him. College graduted. Not like you, probably a lowlife motherfucker like every other hmong gang out there.

  11. @fenet1108
    Rofl… lets play sometime my FTP username = dugcie5259 =]

    And its true
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  12. OMFG if he was my cousin i wish he gave us lil money XD
    Hmong: tsis mauj lucky bastard! playsheng playshaw! 🙂
    kuv sa thoj koj me tsis nia…..Koj pauj ka?

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