$25k free roll, $15k PCA Package

PokerStars has started a new game named “Team Online” week with $15k PCA package. There are total 2o members in the team including some new faces “FrenchDawg” Ladouceur, Marc-Andre, and Alex “Kanu7” Millar. All the players will be bouncing around the table for the full week and they have lots of opportunities to win extra cash. Everyday there will be a new event with lots of excitement and extra cash value. The first event is $25k free roll online GTD team at 3rd November. The second event is $15k PCA adventure Caribbean package on November 4. The other option is to win 10x your profit at Zoom poker challenge.

There is a training session organized for the team members online. You had the choice of winning an actual spot on team online PokerStars. Deposit real cash using bonus code online and get chances of winning free tickets for $25k free roll online GTD team at 3rd November. If you are interested to win $15k PCA adventure Caribbean package then you had to shoot a short movie of three minutes telling about poker history and adventures. The next step is to upload this short movie at YouTube and drop a mail.

In case, your video is liked by PokerStars then you will win a cash prize of $500. There are other interesting surprises for the team online for the whole week. In case you are able to manage big profits against Zoom games then you will be paid 10x your take. For more details you may check information page online. This week will be truly interesting and happening too for team online members. You can also check live updates at popular poker websites like PokerStars. You are free to sign up anytime for free rolls.

Duhamel Leads second richest poker event

Firstly, Duhamel was planning to participate in WSOP tournament which is taken as world’s largest poker event. But it was a wise decision by Duhamel that he took a break from WSOP event and finally he participated in second largest poker event. The second day at GuangDong Asia Millions was truly lucky for Duhamel as h was leading the chips count against most popular faces. This was a pride moment for Duhamel to make such a big score again. He has made several final tables till now with huge poker scores. He was the winner at WSOP final event 2011 who made trek to Macau to attend another poker tournament.

This poker tournament was GuangDong Asia Millions which is taken as world’s second richest poker event. He was leading the chip count at Day 1 also. Taking advantage of his, he started playing safely at Day 2 of Guangdong Asia Millions tournament. The player knows very well how to survive even in bad condition of the play. He is very happy with his achievements and victories. We are looking for a deep run from this wonderful player in near future also. At the second day of tournament, he was not the only player who has made such an amazing score.

Deon, Haxton, and Cheong were also giving tough competition to Duhamel. It is very difficult to establish such an amazing score among most popular faces. Poker is a game of skills and luck. You should be enough lucky and skilled to win any final poker tournament. It is your experience only that makes you different from other players. Duhamel is planning to participate in major poker tournaments in near future also. His inspiration for coming into poker career was Phil Hellmuth. Hellmuth is taken as most amazing player of poker industry.


The World Series of Poker commands an exceptional popularity beyond any accepted norms of standards and a thorough analysis of the reasons thereof will not be out of place here.

Primarily Reputation

The credibility of WSOP over other big poker tournaments is phenomenal except perhaps the World Poker Tour. If and when you win a WSOP bracelet, you have achieved a milestone recognized by the poker community.  In a recognized competitive field, you have put your stamp among an elite fraternity of players to reach a milestone of the sport. Continue reading “THE POPULARITY OF WSOP”

Canadians Keep Crushing

Two Canadian has taken two gold brackets last night and one WSOP icon is looking for his sixth gold bracelet again. Oliver’s has also won his first bracelet at WSOP tournament. Canada is famous for making history in the poker world. They are always giving tough competition to their opponents.

Allen Cunningham considered as poker hero has finished earlier in the series and he is fighting for his sixth bracelet. We are looking for a big move from all poker profiles coming weekend. The tournament is running in Las Vegas and we are sure that all players would try to give their best at WSOP tournament. Continue reading “Canadians Keep Crushing”

Filippo Candio

Basically from Italy, he was born in a conservative family, where education and family values were of utmost importance. He father was a famous lawyer and of the region and he was sure that his son would be like him and would follow his footsteps. But life had other destinations for Filippo Candio. He was not cut out to be a lawyer and when he discovered poker, his entire life changed. By the time he was 21, he had found his passion for the game of poker and this is when he started playing cash games with his friends. What started as small games moved on to the local casinos and it was here that he decided that poker was what he wanted to do and this is where he wanted his career to be.

From one game to another, he moved on to the professional circuits and found that this would change his entire life. When he had sufficient bank balance in his pocket to lead a stable life, he decided to move to professional circuits. By the time he was twenty four, he had made enough money to take the risk of professional games. His first major win came in the year 2007 and there was no looking back since then. From Italy, to the international circuits, his journey was a memorable one and his victories were legendary.

As his name and fame grew, so did is passion for the game. Until he was playing in Italy, his vision was limited. Once he moved to Las Vegas, he came to know the exact nature and structure of the game and there was no looking back from here. He loved the games here and decided to concentrate his efforts at the games in the United States. Though his initial games were nowhere near the mark, he had set his heart at the bracelet.

Playing Strategies and Skills

It is much essential for every player to have strong mental skill and high decision making power tendency on unfortunate conditions. Any person who has these two abilities in himself/herself then, he/she definitely be a good and great poker player in the field of the gambling. A good player can be a great player as they start playing poker games by seeing other player’s techniques and tricks; they try to understand the mind of the opponents and even about the suit of cards they are holding on, and even the opponents playing process and betting procedure as well. These are some of the common steps which every player should learn if he/she willing to start his/her carrier in the gambling world.

Slowly and steadily a player will start reading the mind of their opponents through their mental skill, and can even judge about their cards and about opponent decision as well. A player can very well comprehend the mind of their opponent player’s with the passage of time. Remember, a good player can always be a great player in his carrier with the passage of time and through their abilities. A player who plays poker after understanding the situation will always lead towards high position in the field of the poker.

Another important thing which a player must know and be alert while playing poker in their initial days is about bluffing. Bluffing is one of the major parts of the poker game. Every individual player always tries to discourage or motivate their opponent players through their fake expressions. It is very hard to know what is going in the mind of the player while playing poker. Few of the players holding low rank cards try to show that they are holding strong cards suits; and vice-versa. A player cannot judge the opponent players mind and expressions without their own strategies and skills as well.