Bill Chen

William “Bill” Chen is a 1970 year born and as of now lives in Lafayette Hill, in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. He graduated throughout 1991 with a PhD for quantum analyzes in arithmetic from the University of California, in Berkley, and aside from being a great mathematician is additionally an expert poker player and is of the age 38 years.

In the wake of graduating, Bill Chen began his exploration and probed how mathematics can help or even enhance poker abilities. He started working for a fiscal exchanging organization that energized poker playing around its staff, accepting the diversion might be advantageous to the execution of their workers. Bill Chen initially showed up in poker planet in a No Limit Hold’em occasion at the Bycicle Caisno’s Legends of Poker in the year 2000, where he won a huge USD 41,600. Something like six years after the fact came his huge winnings. In the World Series of Poker in 2006 Bill Chen won a USD 3000 utmost Texas hold’em, with a prize of USD 343,618 in July of the very same year 2006, and a USD 2500 no restriction Hold’em under-staffed occasion, getting $ 442,511 in money, not long after the first win. At that point, a month later, his cooperation in the World Series of Poker USD 3,000 Limit Hold’em, won him the seventh spot, getting the money for USD 22,973.

In spite of the fact that it is a regular conviction, that one can play proficient poker after at least several years of practice, Bill Chen has demonstrated precisely the inverse, utilizing particular scientific routines throughout his play. Far from the gamling table, Bill co-composed the book 'The Mathematics of Poker' with Jerrod Ankenman, which helps players see that poker is basically only a round of numbers and nothing more. As an after-effect of that collaboration, Bill Chen was offered the title of Honorary Chairman by the Churchill Regular Association for Poker, a poker club run by mathematicians at the University of Cambridge.