WSOP Main Event 2014 | Final Table | Day 1 Part 5 | HD

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Joe Hachem is poker player from one of the best player

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He has won total winning tournament are $11,724,586. He is basically from Melbourne, Australia.

He has won 3 career titles in his career and 64 cashes he has won. He is one of the greatest player who won the many games but he has still learning from his mistakes. Every time whenever he plays he just try to figure out his mistakes and learn from them how he can improve himself in his game. This quality makes him different from other players.

He has won $8,089,941 total casino winnings, 18 cash and 5 final tables in World Series of poker. He has won 1 bracelet in this series. He has played in world poker tour in this series he has won total $2,390,712 winning in this series and 9 cashes are winning and he has won 1 final table and 1 championship in this world poker tour. European poker tour $198,981 2 cashes are won by him in this series. He has not won the player of the year and ranking in any series. He also one of the handsome player of poker. Continue reading 'Joe Hachem is poker player from one of the best player'»

WSOP Main Event 2014 | Final Table | Day 1 Part 3 | HD

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Al Krux achievements helped give him global exposure

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Poker has been regarded as one of the most profitable wagering ventures that have seen talented players mint treasure accolades and also garner plethora bucks for their wallets. However, poker is not straightforward as it has inestimable imponderables while raising sufficient funds to appear in the major global events poses a tough challenge.

High-profile poker tournaments are equally tough to plunge into, there are many players of great expertise but who cannot get a chance to play at continental or global circuits. Thus, when a player gets an opportunity to play at the WSOP, they are entailed to harness chances to the maximum. One player who has come across the golden opportunity to participate in remarkable games is Al Krux. He is American and is currently based in New York. Notably, Krux is not as popular as the likes of Daniel Negreanu or Men Nguyen but has equally utilized the latitude to play at the high-profile games to take home venerable titles and substantial earnings. Continue reading 'Al Krux achievements helped give him global exposure'»

Windy City Poker Championship 2011 Show #1 of 4 Part 2 of 6

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Martin Jacobson Presents 2014 win catapulted him to the poker hegemony

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WSOP presents a principal tournament in the poker competition sphere. This year, in the $10,000 NLHE in Las Vegas, the event attracted a total of 6,683 players from 87 countries around the globe.

The 2014 World Series of Poker saw Martin Jacobson carry the day as he locked horns with Felix Stephenson in a heads-up final table. The titanic event that was much awaited had a prize award of $10,000,000 which he as the winner took home.

This comes as the second uppermost price the WSOP event has paid out in history. Unlike the new figures that sprouted in the 2014, he is reputed in the poker arenas as he has participated in high-profile global poker circuits in the past. A close glance at his past performance would show why he will go down the annals of poker history as a top-notch player. Continue reading 'Martin Jacobson Presents 2014 win catapulted him to the poker hegemony'»